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Message One:

well i was thinkin about when i had asked you to marry me last and you had said something along the lines of yea, but you're never serious, i was always serious but too scared that you'd say no and i dont like not bein able to picture you in my future cuz its the one thing i can picture that really means something to me

Message Two:

i know that you think i think too much of you, and you think you're not as great as i think, but I know that you're a human being with flaws just like the rest of us, and sure you're not perfect, but you're still a great person and you have a great personality. So with however I think of you aside, every time i speak to you, you put me in a state of euphoria or bliss for the rest of the day until i go to sleep. This isn't a feeling I have ever felt before with anyone i've ever met, or touched, or anything, and i've never even met you, or touched you, and you make me feel a way that i've never felt before until i knew you, and it feels amazing, and that is why you mean so very much to me. I don't think I'll ever find that feeling again with anyone else but you. So maybe I do think more of you than you are, but you're still great, and I couldn't control this feeling if i wanted to, anyone i talk to knows im in love with you before i even have to say anything, so i hope that you don't think i only like you because of this image of you i have that you don't think you live up to, because no matter what, you're always going to make me feel amazing, like no one else can... <3