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Steve Thompson

Tweed was indeed a very corrupt politician, and I don't forgive people for stealing from the people they govern. I think that during this time period many politicians were corrupt, and it was just an accepted part of the government to many of the people. I believe Tweed could have been much worse for the city than he was, he provided services to the public such as street widening. He inflated the prices of the projects, but it didn't come out of the peoples pockets because their tax was never raised above 2%, it was just stuck onto the city's debt. I think if he had stopped padding prices once he had achieved his original goal of reimbursing his supporters and himself he probably would have been a very beneficial politician for the city. He was able to gain a lot of support from the people, and I think if he had done it honestly from that point on that he would have done many good things and not gotten caught up in trying to make a fortune. Eventually he paid the price for being corrupt and breaking the law by being sentenced to jail time, though I think they should have fined him much more money and given it back to the city.