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imlocke: [11:31] i was real late gettin to my train, and i got stuck at the crossing behind a dif train imlocke: [11:31] so i cut some dude off goin toward the parking lot imlocke: [11:31] and he beeped at me, so i flipped him off imlocke: [11:32] so he pulled up next to me, yelling, so i blew him a kiss imlocke: [11:32] and went and parked next to joe and we were walkin to the train imlocke: [11:32] and the dude ran across the parking lot to catch up to me imlocke: [11:32] and goes you gotta watch your driving asshole imlocke: [11:32] and i was like ok, will do, laughing right in his face ;D imlocke: [11:33] and he goes, you don't have to be a prick about it imlocke: [11:33] and i was like all i care about is that i made my train imlocke: [11:33] and hes like you coulda killed someone, and i was like but...i didn't ;] imlocke: [11:33] joe was gettin ready to knock him the fuck out ;D