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About Me

    My name is Steve and I'm a college student in NY who keeps crested geckos, poison dart frogs, and reef tanks as hobbies.  I have decided to breed my crested geckos and sell the babies to other hobbyists and pet lovers.  I also enjoy taking pictures of all my animals, therefore I will be posting pictures of different things in my Gallery that you are free to look at and enjoy.Myself holding Rocko

Business Etiquette

    I hope to keep prices fair, and may be negotiable, or even open to trades.  I will do my best to sex the geckos correctly and/or try to post a picture of the specific geckos pores along with the geckos listing.  This way you do not have to go by my word alone and can also make your own judgment.  I am doing this merely as a hobby and would like to keep things as friendly as possible.  I will try and keep the site as up to date as possible and may take names down for future clutches. (however, not seasons in advance)  Also I will do my best to make sure that all geckos available will have been handled a bit to try and keep them somewhat tame and not flighty for anyone who wishes to buy them as a pet and handle the gecko themselves.

Brief log of this week.

11/25/08 -- Creating Home page for web site.
11/22/08 -- Relm weighs in at 4.1 grams.
11/21/08 -- Kefka weighs in at 23 grams.
11/10/08 -- Rocko escapes his tank     Update:  Rocko is found, safe and sound.